Be A Hero, Feed A Child
Paul & his children
Paul & his kids

*501(c)(3) -- all gifts made to Global Family Outreach Ministry are tax deductible under US tax law [IRS].



Global Family Outreach Ministry
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Providing help with physical food so we can bring spiritual bread to lives.

There are thousands of children waiting to be fed spiritualy and physically for only $1 a day (US$). Each child before eating a nutritious meal first attends a Bible lesson then eats their meal. If you designate your love gift for the Feeding Program, those funds are set aside for this program....


Each sponsored child receives life-giving instruction in the Bible and clothing and schooling supplies when you designate Sponsor-A-Child for your gift.


"If we only fed these children, we would be accountable for them missing out on eternal life -- so we always want to share the Gospel with each child in a way they can understand the love God has personally for each one. Whenever we have a chance to share Christ, we do." ....
(Paul Waldmiller)

"Global Family Outreach Ministry does exactly that, the people involved reach out! Helping the hurting, the hungry and the lost is what Jesus calls all believers to do. As the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead (James 2:26). The gospel of Jesus Christ is what every person needs. GFOM not only shares the gospel with children and their families, they feed them and restore them. I know anything given towards this ministry will be used toward helping people spiritually and practically."
Dom Danesi,
Ready to Respond Ministry

MISSION STATEMENT: The corporation is organized so that all may come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ around the world. To bring comfort and healing to families, through the Holy Spirit and the spreading of God's Word. The organization travels world wide to speak at churches, schools and other organizations. Fundraising activities are conducted in the United States and Canada in order to fund feeding centers around the world.

"Be A Hero Now . . . Bless A Child" -- BEAHERONOW.NET is the sponsorship program of Global Family Outreach Ministry and is not related to any other ministry using the term "Be A Hero"

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