Paul & his kids
Paul & his children
Paul & his kids
Pastor Paul & Pastora Jorlyn

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"Global Family Outreach Ministry does exactly that, the people involved reach out! Helping the hurting, the hungry and the lost is what Jesus calls all believers to do. As the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead (James 2:26). The gospel of Jesus Christ is what every person needs. GFOM not only shares the gospel with children and their families, they feed them and restore them. I know anything given towards this ministry will be used toward helping people spiritually and practically."
Dom Danesi,
Ready to Respond Ministry


Be A Hero, Feed A Child

1. "We believe that there is one God who is living and true. The Holy Trinity of God the Father and his Son Jesus Christ with the Holy Spirit are all one.
2. We believe that every person to have eternal life in Heaven must be "born-again" (John 3:3, 3:16). He or she must accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. With true repentence, a person must ask Jesus to forgive them of their sins.

3. We believe in Christ Jesus, who is God's only beotten Son, was conceived in virgin birth, lived a sinless life, had many miracles and teachings all in the Word (the Bible). He will return for His second coming as was explained in the Bible.
4. We believe that the Word of God (scripture) of the Old and New Testament are without any error.
5. We believe that the Holy Spirit draws every person to Christ, is our Comforter, teacher and indwells in every believer. And it is our choice to listen to the prompting and leading of the Holy Spirit and follow His leadings.
6. We believe in Holy Communion as was given by our Lord Jesus in the Scriptures.
7. We believe in the Water baptism of believers as evidence of their full commital and conversion to Christ.
8. We believe that our walk as born-again believer is a walk of faith. God's grace to be here on Earth as to fulfill the Great Commission to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and make believers wherever we are.



Global Family Outreach Ministry - although a new ministry, the work has been directed by the Lord for years. I (Paul) had been on my first missions trip with my local church to a small county called Guatamela. This is where the Lord touched my heart for missions. I remember many nights crying because of the poor that I had seen - not only in Guatamela, but more tears for those same people even when I arrived back in the U.S.

This is also where the Lord called me to the Philippines. Although at the time I was very close to someone from the Philippines, I myself had never been there. God in His loving mercy gave me the heart to travel to the Philippines. How wonderful it was to have that same loving spirit for the Filipinos that He gave me while I was in Guatemala.

I was able to openly share salvation through Christ everywhere and widely accepted by most during my trips to the Philippines. Each missionary trip there ignited my heart for the Filipinos.

In 2003, with my family at my side, again through God's wonderful goodness I went to the Philippines this time with plans to stay as missionaries permanently. Unfotunately, a year later I was back in the U.S.

I had promised pastors in the Philippines that after a short trip to America for fund raising, we would be back. Well, that time did not come. Instead, satan entered the scene and helped take what I was fooled into believing was the most important person in my life here on Earth. This person was the closest person in my life and my best friend. Even with all that, I never lost my love and compassion for the lost and especialy the people of the Philippines. There are so many poor people there, especialy the children. My heart goes out to them. As I said, they are on my heart.

In fact, I recently returned to the Philippines in September 2007. How wonderful it was to meet the pastors again. They all encouraged me to return despite the loss of my dearest friend.

So there it is. The story is short but there is more. Much more. I could write on and on about my deepest feelings of joy and also sorrow, but "through adversity" this ministry was born. Through the deepest hurt to now the joy of serving Him, I go on as a good Christian soldier helping the poor wherever the Lord leads.

God Bless,

Paul P. Waldmiller
President - G.F.O.M.


MISSION STATEMENT: The corporation is organized so that all may come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ around the world. To bring comfort and healing to families, through the Holy Spirit and the spreading of God's Word. The organization travels world wide to speak at churches, schools and other organizations. Fundraising activities are conducted in the United States and Canada in order to fund feeding centers around the world.